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The development of REMMERS from a small one-man business to a powerful medium-sized company was no accident. It was achieved by systematic business planning with three constants for success: sustainability, innovation and growth. Regular technical exchanges with the customer at technical and practical training seminars and technology transfer to our partners in the trade, were part of our customer service range as early as the 1950s. Remmers ‘Product Systems’ started to replace individual products at the beginning of the 1960s. The importance of a certified quality assurance system and audited environmental management was also recognised early and implemented promptly.

REMMERS  coating systems for wooden doors & windows ensure that they remain desirable throughout time. The REMMERS System Guarantee shows how sure we are of ourselves: professionally coated windows need no further renovation coats for 10 years, guaranteed. Timber windows are kept like new by leading innovations such as the latest systems in our Induline Premium Coatings range, especially designed for front doors and windows: They give a finish as elegant as on fine furniture.




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