Why us

In a highly competitive industry, strong growth is only possible with genuine passion for the job and being the best in the business. That is our claim for all of our product systems in our six core businesses:

  • Protection & refinement of wood
  • Protection of buildings
  • Refurbishment of buildings
  • Preservation of heritage buildings & monuments
  • Floor protection & coatings
  • Protection & refinement for the furniture industry

REMMERS is the leading and competent partner since 1949 and the leading European supplier of chemical construction products as well as paints and lacquers for wood. REMMERS is fully aware of tradition, but also strong in innovation, setting new standards in the wood protection and maintenance.

Possibly the best example of how REMMERS’ passion for professionalism has developed, is the historic building conservation or heritage market.

It began with the commitment of company founder Bernhard Remmers to heritage protection. It then grew into Remmers being Europe’s and the Global No. 1 specialist in the conservation of historic buildings and therefore protection of our buildings’ heritage. This has now included many cathedrals from the Middle Ages, the Berlin Reichstag (Parliament), the Brandenburg Gate, The British Houses of Parliament and the monumental 1000 year old Angkor Wat temple site in Cambodia.

Wherever things are really complex, REMMERS technologies and products are in demand. Α testimony indeed to Remmers great technical expertise and superior product quality.

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